walk 9 | blood | 17:00

' Each walk followed my own unique, formal route, for an original reason, which was different from other categories of walking, like travelling. Each walk, though not by definition conceptual, realised a particular idea. Thus walking – as art – provided a simple way for me to explore relationships between time, distance, geography and measurement. These walks are recorded in my work in the most appropriate way for each different idea: a photograph, a map, or a text work. All these forms feed the imagination.'Richard Long

after 4 days and 8 walks i felt i needed a break from the perimeter walk i had been doing and having noticed the overkill of directional signage in the city, i settled on allowing the city to dictate and direct this walk. my starting point was the same, but from there, i had to take whatever turning or direction that the city dictated. if i ended up at a dead end or a blind alley i would simply rejoin the last main route and carry on until the next sign. i set a one hour time limit.

early on, i seemed to be stuck in a bizarre trap in hinde street car park, as every sign seemed to send me back on myself as i spent 10 minutes walking in a big circle, but the situation righted itself and i soon ended up set free from my previous routine and was striding out of the city centre, liberated and renewed.

i had no idea where i'd end up, if anywhere in particular. the result would have been hard to script.

walk time 1h

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