walk 21 | repeat | 23:00

the 21st identical walk reminded me that i'm some way short of this awe-inspiring work by Tehching Hsieh.

For the second One Year Performance, known informally as the Time Piece, Hsieh punched a time clock, every hour on the hour, twenty-four hours a day, for an entire year. An observer verified each day's time card. To help illustrate the time process, Hsieh shaved his head before the piece began, and then let his hair grow freely for the duration. Every time he punched the clock, a movie camera shot a single frame. The resulting film compresses each day into a second, and the whole year into about six minutes.

one year performance 1985-86 (no art piece) - hsieh did no art, spoke no art, saw no art, read no art, and did not enter any museum or gallery

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