walk 4 | presence | 02:00

following the afternoon's walk, i wanted to further explore the use of myself in the image. generally we, or should i say i, walk and more broadly, live, in something of a bubble, aware of others but not necessarily conscious of ourselves in human form. seeing your shadow, or reflection as you often do on a sunny day or in the windows of urban built-up areas reminds us of our form and presence.

cities, though full of people, have the propensity to be filled with a series of singular experiences - people on their shopping missions or going to and from work fill the space but without too much interaction. my experience of walking cities is one of a general recognition of the other human forms, in that i recognise them as humans, but without any sense of familiarity or connection other than that. i walk the space on my own - it would be weird and deemed an unsettling, maybe even threatening act to attempt to accompany another city walker on their journey.

i feel a similiarity here with my own shadow or reflection- catching a fleeting glimpse as the sun comes out or walking past a window is akin to briefly or accidentally catching the eye of a passer-by. but i also find it re-assuring - a confirmation of my presence.

therer is an amplification of this walking the city at night. night-time lighting and the emptying out of the anti-nocturnal population has the effect of creating a stage or film set. me and a variety of natural and man-made light induced shadows and reflections become a troupe of actors, performing and making a series of ephemeral marks.

walk time 2h 30

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