figure ground proposal feedback

true to their word, figure ground got back to me with some expanded feedback as to the reasons behind my non-selection for their upcoming mini-residency.

on the surface this looks like good practice - but knowing someone else who also applied and received an almost word for word generic reply - 99% - i was disappointed. i'm really keen to hear constructive criticism and the thoughts of other experienced practitioners about my work, proposals and applications.

is this sort of response  part of a wider box-ticking, going-through-the-motions attitude which exists in this realm of the arts? or am i expecting a personal service which is too much to ever get?

If you're going to offer additional feedback, should you be ready and prepared to deliver serious and moreover personal feedback . otherwise aren't you just box-ticking?

having said that - this looks like a great project, and i hope it goes well. the subject seems fascinating and the collaborative aspect of getting 20 hitherto strangers to work together should be really interesting to see.

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