re-living room - preparatory

AirSpace Gallery have kindly offered me a 2 week spot in AirWindow, their gallery-front exhibition space, which is really exciting - opportunities to show work publicly in such a great position and within the realm of a renowned gallery are rare. It's going to offer me the possibility to start, and more importantly to test, a new piece of work. To realise it physically, rather than it just exist in my head.

I'm planning to install a living room in the window space over the course of the 2 weeks, from building the walls to arranging the furniture to deciding on the pictures that will hang. Each day I plan to make a new intervention, add a new piece of the jigsaw, until eventually hopefully the piece is finished.

The work follows on from a previous piece of work - belonging -  and I'm referencing the same areas of depopulated housing spaces (that were the setting for that work and that are prevalent in this city and i'm guessing all other post-industrial cities). So, there will be a series of connecting references to those spaces -at the moment I'm not certain what they will be - but I'm sure they'll become clear over the 2 weeks.

After that I'm hoping to take the set on a tour of spaces around the city and install the set, or maybe new sets, in a non-gallery situation.

For now though, preparations have begun, behind the scenes, and the first job is to work out the dimensions of, and how to build, the wall.

I also plan to cost the project, so, every piece of expense will be logged.

item no.1 - permanent marker £0.35


space invaders

they come round without asking and make themselves at home.

belonging - part one

After 3 months of intensive shooting, reviewing, printing, reviewing, shooting....I finally reached the end of the first part of this piece of work which looks at the idea that Place = Space + Inhabitation.

The 40 photographs form a body of work which seeks to highlight what happens to residential spaces cleared by urban regenerators. Places are cleared, brick by brick, letting memories and stored occurences escape. The resulting spaces are then reclaimed by nature's invaders - urban flora which relentlessly and inevitably fill the void. The result is a new place or series of places inhabited by a new population.

Place → Space → Place