re-living room - preparatory

AirSpace Gallery have kindly offered me a 2 week spot in AirWindow, their gallery-front exhibition space, which is really exciting - opportunities to show work publicly in such a great position and within the realm of a renowned gallery are rare. It's going to offer me the possibility to start, and more importantly to test, a new piece of work. To realise it physically, rather than it just exist in my head.

I'm planning to install a living room in the window space over the course of the 2 weeks, from building the walls to arranging the furniture to deciding on the pictures that will hang. Each day I plan to make a new intervention, add a new piece of the jigsaw, until eventually hopefully the piece is finished.

The work follows on from a previous piece of work - belonging -  and I'm referencing the same areas of depopulated housing spaces (that were the setting for that work and that are prevalent in this city and i'm guessing all other post-industrial cities). So, there will be a series of connecting references to those spaces -at the moment I'm not certain what they will be - but I'm sure they'll become clear over the 2 weeks.

After that I'm hoping to take the set on a tour of spaces around the city and install the set, or maybe new sets, in a non-gallery situation.

For now though, preparations have begun, behind the scenes, and the first job is to work out the dimensions of, and how to build, the wall.

I also plan to cost the project, so, every piece of expense will be logged.

item no.1 - permanent marker £0.35

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