93 balfour street - preparations

Alongside reliving room and maybe at times overlapping, I'm starting a new project based around a last house standing I found earlier in the year.

93 Balfour Street stands empty and alone almost as an anti-flag - a representative of what once was.

To get there I walked east. I knew the area from a previous project, but Stoke Council must have unearthed a secret stash of funds, because all over the city, those emptied and neglected areas of former terrace houses are being ploughed over to give a smarter appearance, or maybe being readied for a more long-term land use.

The Walk

93 Balfour Street

I returned to re-shoot 93 Balfour Street today - in 5x4 with some 1997 fuji provia. The conditions were different - bright sun all day, so fingers are crossed for a good result. All being well...

I plan to make an A2 print, frame and hover mount it and then take the house on tour to find out what people thing of the subject, the photograph, photography in general, in fact anything people are urged to say about the photo. At the moment I have 3 distinct groups to target - the general public, artists and art gallery goers and arts academics.

How are photographs received and how and what do they make us think? How are my photographs received and how and what do they make us think?

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