Faceless of Our Time

I've been looking at ideas of conflict between community and city planning, and particularly focussing on a thought that where people, communities, housing and associated compendiums of memories are moved on in the cause of urban planning, the buildings that take their place act almost as tombstones, or grave markers of the vanquished.

Made for the AirSpace Studio Show '12, Faceless of Our Time is a response to these ideas, in the form of a film of a 12 hour private performance, and the resulting cityscape sculpture.

The performance consists of the transformation of a seminal social anthropological survey work, Face of Our Time by August Sander into an representative cityscape, through the careful, methodical and routine tearing of all 60 portraits, into individual "blocks". The resulting cityscape was then presented in a clear perspex case, for the purposes of the exhibition, intended to conjure thoughts of an architectural/urban planning maquette.

                    faceless of our time (abridged) from glen stoker on Vimeo.