this way, that way put in for Ever Remote

this way, that way is a film i recently made for a commission from SHOP in stoke. 

This way, that way. from glen stoker on Vimeo.

i blogged about the process on the SHOP site at the time...

...and i loved the whole thing - from interviewing the paticipants to the editing, admittedly a bit rudimentary, though i like the rudimentary.

Stoke-on-Trent has been my home town for nearly 20 years and in this sense, as well as the almost sibling/fraternal nature of the relationship between Hanley and Stoke. I'm interested to see whether hondartza thinks the film fits the brief as much as whether it's good enough to make her final selection.

Whatever, the experience has definitely helped to give me a further outlet to explore ways of working and i'll definitely be using film again.

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