a matter of death and life

i'm resuming my efforts to keep this blog as a means of making sense of the work that i'm making at the moment. hopefully it will prove to be a place for some thinking out loud - a way of getting the thoughts created by research and readings out of my head and onto a page...or screen.

i'm intending to place everything here that seems to have a bearing on my practice - anything to do with my human life, the ageing process - idiosynchrasies - as well as looking at modes of representation which in my case means looking at journeys in general and urban walking in particular.

the title of the blog refers to that notion of journey - a human's journey through their existence and with regards to me, it is an explicit reference to a change i made in my life in my mid 30's - which when i look back was the point when i embraced the idea of joining in.

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