walk 3 | shadows | 14:00

i woke today with thoughts of content for walk three centring on the idea of corners. corners in terms of the grid square are natural marker points for the walks, and had got me thinking about the geometry of a city space - the plethora of horizontal and vertical lines, right angles, geometrical shapes that make up urban spaces.

the walk to the walk led me to notice the abundance of natural and man-made patterns, textures and marks whether they be the system of lines in between the paving slabs, the painted yellow lines for parking restrictions, the patterns made by discarded and dried chewing gum or even the abstraction of bird shit.

today's walk was dominated by the sun and its effect of creating temporary ephemeral shapes on the surfaces of the city. none of today's shadows lasted more than a couple of minutes and when the sun re-emerged from behind cloud cover, the shadow would have moved.

or the sun created the inverse of the shadow, through the reflection of light.

the 1991 film shadows in the city in which  Paul Mills is a miserable, lonely man leading a meaningless existence in a nameless city and has visions of the Spirit of Death waiting to collect him while having encounters with various people while seeking solace for his short life knowing it will end soon is an apt metaphor for city life.

the walk's shadow-chasing led me to its defining image, a tableau which summed this idea of the temporary mark we make on a city.

the walk lasted 91 minutes - i took 65 photographs.

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