walk 10 | chance | 05:00

"I have never been truly suited for civil society, where everything is annoyance, obligation, and duty, ... my naturally independent temperament always made me incapable of the subjection necessary to anyone who wants to live among men." 
"I have never believed that man's freedom consisted in doing what he wants, but rather in never doing what he does not want to do. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Reveries of a Solitary Walker.

walk 10 continued the move away from the original route and let chance take charge. each turn or change of direction was decided by the toss of a coin. where there was more than one option, several coin tosses were made in order to determine a 'winner'. for example, if i reached a crossroads, the first toss would determine whether to turn left or right, if the coin decided left, the next toss would determine whether i turned left or carried straight on. i set a one hour time limit.

walk time 1h

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