walk 18 | impasse | 09:00

having walked the same route twice a day for the last 9 days, i was starting to think of bruce nauman and his durational video piece.
Walking in an Exaggerated Manner around the Perimeter of a Square (1967-68) is a 10 minute looped silent film which sees nauman interacting with a grid - a masked-off square. he walks around the square in a methodical way - it's a gestural performance.

i feel that i am starting to become almost too familiar with my route and am looking for ways to subvert my experiences.

in the introduction to place (Dean & Millar, 2005 Thames and Hudson) the author quotes a piece of dialogue from Tarkowski's 1979 apocalyptic film The Stalker  - "our moods, our thoughts, our feelings can bring about change here. And we are in no condition to comprehend them. Old traps vanish, new ones take their place; the old safe places become impassable, and the route can either be plain and easy, or impossibly confusing. That's how the Zone is. It may even seem capricious. But in fact, at any moment it is exactly as we devise it, in our consciousness...everything that happens here depends on us, not the Zone."

a previously empty car park, even mostly of cars, today transformed into a bustling, thriving honeypot, as the weekly car boot sale and market attracted and roused the locals. i was reminded of the infinite amount of variables available to alter my experience(s). the route may stay the same, but the space and spaces and the place will always differ.

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