Hermetically Sealed - a Resolution?

"Why do you need to show photographs?" - with this one sentence, asked me by Cheryl Jones, my approach to the work I might submit for my New Art West Midlands Grand Union Bursary changed at a stroke, and things seem to be falling in to place.

Having come from but trying to escape a photography mentality - one formed by my degree, and fostered through my AirSpace role as documenter - I generally think in terms of returning to a photograph as the resolution to a body of work.

A NAWM crit session yesterday validated an approach that I've been exploring, and has maybe allowed me to stray from the photographic path.

Hermetically Sealed - Proposal

  • A series of sealed cubes - sealed with shrink wrap, and then a variety of civic wrapping/sealing/fencing treatments - e.g. hazard tape, green hessian mesh, heras fencing etc.
  • Each sealed cube will contain an element of a room in a terraced house - bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room.
  • The Sealed cubes will be situated in order to form a trail or walk from Birmingham Museum and art Gallery to Grand Union, where the final sealed cube will be exhibited. This will reference the element of walking within my work.
  • The fragmentation of the terraced house into 5 separate sealed rooms will reference the dissolution of the  1890's-1930's's terrace house, and more generally a system of demolition-rebuild which has worked to a greater or lesser extent throughout the country, but in particular making noteworthy the failure of the Pathfinder scheme.


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