pheasant badger rabbit

These preliminary shots are an early idea of how I envisage approaching the subject. The obvious paradox of the loving posterity of the taxidermist and the cold, unfeeling, random, murderous disregard of the human’s vehicle. On one hand the human’s role in the realm of the animal as an instrument of death, whilst on the other, a doting prolonger of a memory of its life.

This first post, and the next few days will be about identifying the concepts and ideas that underpin my interest in this area, and an attempt to set out a plan for how to go about the research and how I want the final images to look.

Concepts - Guilt, posterity, collateral damage, human taxidermy, waxworks

Areas of research - look at examples of studies of still lifes and depictions of game from painters and photographers,find a taxidermist and study his methods and workshop

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