sub ex urbia

1. (Sociology) the region outside the suburbs of a city, consisting of residential areas (exurbs) that are occupied predominantly by wealthy commuters (exurbanites).

Hyōgo Prefecture is located in the Kansai region.
Population 5,582,978
There are 29 cities in Hyogo Prefecture
Ashiya is a city in Hyogu Prefecture
Population 93,094

In the early 1900s, Ashiya, formed in 1870, was designated as an urban planning area. This led to the building of large single-family homes with tennis courts, swimming pools, and tea houses, etc. along the hills overlooking Osaka Bay. 

Osaka Prefecture is located in the Kansai region.
Population 8,864,228
There are 33 cities in Osaka Prefecture.
Osaka is the capital of Osaka Prefecture and Japan's second city.
Population 2,666,371

Japan has 47 prefectures and 103 cities.
Over half of the country's population - 63.9 million - live in cities.

Tokyo is not a city. Tokyo is more than a city.
The city of Tokyo ceased to exist on July 1, 1943.
Tokyo now exists as a special "metropolis" prefecture with 23 "special" wards (with the same status of city).

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